Cancellation & Refund

CHILD FOUNDATION OF INDIA will process and hold donations as per norms of the rules and regulations of Income tax department Government of India and reserve bank of India regulations that are in force from time to time.

Transfers of donations, event fees and Gift Aid to your nominated bank account will normally be made by us through the Bankers Automated Clearing Services. This means that the transfer from CHILD FOUNDATION OF INDIA should reach your recipient bank no later than the end of the third business day excluding the holidays of the bank, following the date of the transfer. Alternatively, payments of donations, event fees and Gift Aid to your nominated bank account can be made by cheque.


For payments made to another bank account, we will make sure that they are sent to the recipient bank. It is the recipient bank’s responsibility to make sure the payment is added to the ppropriate bank account, which Information you need to provide to CHILD FOUNDATION OF INDIA


Before CHILD FOUNDATION OF INDIA can make any transfers to you, you must provide CHILD FOUNDATION OF INDIA with an original bank statement showing correct details of the following:

the recipient bank (being a recognized financial institution), including its sort code;
- the recipient bank account number; and

the name and address of the person to whom the recipient bank account is registered (it should include the Charity’s name).


Once you have provided these details to CHILD FOUNDATION OF INDIA, may use them for executing all future transfers that CHILD FOUNDATION OF INDIA makes for you, unless you inform CHILD FOUNDATION OF INDIA otherwise or a transfer is rejected by the recipient bank. You are responsible for ensuring that CHILD FOUNDATION OF INDIA is kept informed of the correct and up-to-date details. Any changes to the details must be notified to us in good time before a transfer is due to be made and, in any event, no later than 3pm on the afternoon of the business day preceding the intended date of transfer, so that we can amend the payment instructions.


If you provide us with incorrect or out-of-date information, we will not be responsible if the payment is not made, it is delayed, or it is made incorrectly.

Refunds on donations

It is not CHILD FOUNDATION OF INDIA’s policy to carry out refunds on donations and event fees that have been made to you. Any refund requests received from a donor/fundraiser in respect of donations or event fees made to you will be passed to you.


If notified within 24 hours of the transaction having been made, CHILD FOUNDATION OF INDIA will consider authorizing a refund in exceptional circumstances. In the event that CHILD FOUNDATION OF INDIA does authorize a refund, it will endeavor to process this refund as quickly as is reasonably possible, subjected to sufficient funds being available. CHILD FOUNDATION OF INDIA reserves the right to apply a charge for refunding a donation or event fee, and will agree with you such a charge before a refund is affected.

In this project every student of the school is motivated to plant a sapling on his / her name as soon as admitted in to the
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