In this project every student of the school is motivated to plant a sapling on his / her name as soon as admitted in to the school. The plants are supplied by the school management. Some rare plants are procured from the forest department. Each plant is named by writing the name the student on a plate and kept at the side of the plant. It is the responsibility of the student to water the plant and to take care of its growth. Students are very enthusiastic and participating with full activity in this project as the plants are named with their names. The entire school campus and the surroundings have attained a unique look with names like “Dileep, Yona, Vamsi”, given to the plants. The whole concept is to encourage the students from the childhood to protect the environment and to safeguard the Earth by nurturing the greenery. Many schools are taking this initiative of our child foundation as an example and implementing in their respective school surroundings.

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