In this project thousands of students NCC cadets, Nursing College Students and public health personnel have been motivated to wash hands for 30 seconds at least with soap and water before taking food and also after using toilet. This movement attained a great success.

The research we conducted on the use of hand wash by slum dwellers and the results are very discouraging whose report is given here.

Results of a study conducted by Visakha Govt. Degree College for Women in collboration with Dr. Kutikuppala Place of STudy : Gollalapalem
Study Population : 380 Families
Study Period : October 10 to Nov, 25-2013.
10% of houses have no toilet facility at all. This Gollalapalem is in the heart of Visakhapatnam city.
10% of its residents are using near by vacant land or road or sulabh complex for defecation.
23.75% of House wives are not washing their hands before giving food to their children
40% of residents are washing hands with soap now and then only.
16% women are not washing their hands before cooking
20% of women are not washing their hands with soap before serving food
47% of the Residents suffered from fever
18.5% suffered from pain abdomen
17.5% suffered from Jaundice during last six months.
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